The Test and Go program to be back soon?

A little less than a month after its suspension due to the growing fear of an explosion in the number of contaminations linked to Covid 19 following the appearance of the Omicron variant, the Test and Go program allowing vaccinated tourists to enter Thailand without quarantine (one night only) could make a comeback, the answer on Thursday January 20!

Indeed, although the Omicron variant seems much more contagious than the previous variants, it would seem that people suffering from it are, on the other hand, less likely to develop serious forms of the disease (we nevertheless encourage you to respect social distancing and to wear a mask, as much as possible). Anyway, the situation seems relatively under control in Thailand since, despite an increase in the number of contaminations, the country counts “only” about 7,000 new cases per day and “only” about ten deaths.

A rehabilitation plan for the Test and Go program will therefore be proposed to the government this week and a response should be announced on Thursday 20 January.

For information, during the almost two months of its existence, the Test and Go program allowed approximately 350,000 foreign tourists to travel to Thailand by having to perform only one night in quarantine. Its suspension at the end of last December prompted many tourists to simply cancel their future trips to the Kingdom. A comeback of the Test and Go program would therefore be welcome for many, including tourists, hoteliers, and numerous professionals whose activities depend on tourism.

We will of course keep you informed of the government’s decision as soon as it is published!

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