It’s official, Test and Go is back!

We wrote about it a few days ago in a previous article, the Test and Go program will be back from the 1st of February 2022!

The Test and Go program was introduced by the Thai government last October for an opening at the beginning of November, with the aim of allowing vaccinated foreign tourists from a list of around sixty countries to visit Thailand without having to undergo a quarantine on arrival (only one night). Although requiring some (light) administrative procedures before the trip, mainly uploading a list of documents ( such as vaccination certificates, proof of insurance, proof of reservation of a PCR test on arrival, etc.), the Test and Go program had attracted around 350,000 tourists before being abruptly suspended at the end of December due to the rising fear of a huge increase in the number of contaminations with the arrival of the omicron variant. The suspension of the Test and Go program had then provoked discontent among the tourism sector in Thailand, with numerous tourists canceling their upcoming reservations.

With the situation being relatively under control with “only” less than 10,000 new contaminations per day and “only” a few deaths, the government has proposed a rehabilitation plan for the Test and Go system to the committee in charge of the fight against the covid 19 pandemic, the latter validated the plan yesterday (20th of January). From the 1st of February, you will therefore be able to travel to Thailand without quarantine (you will still have to book a night in an approved hotel and will have to stay there long enough to obtain the results of your PCR test done on arrival in Thailand )!

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