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Transfer of ownership of a condominium in Thailand

The transfer of ownership is the last step of the buying/selling process of a property in Thailand. This is usually when the payment is done and this is the moment when the property will officially be registered under the name of the new owner. Although the process is pretty simple, straightforward and usually you will be assisted by your real estate agent (if any), it is by the way good to have in mind a...


Property tax in Thailand: how does it work?

With very attractive prices, an incredible quality-price ratio, a vast offer to meet all needs, very low maintenance costs or even high rental demand, Thailand is an ideal place to make a real estate investment. In addition to these numerous advantages, the country has an additional advantage when it comes to investing in real estate: its (very) attractive property tax system. Right more...

Can a foreigner own a property in Thailand?

After a few visits in The Land of Smile or after a life spent working hard to build up your savings. You start thinking it might be the place you would like to settle (who would not?!). You just saw an ad on the Business Supplement for your dream condominium or your dream house. But hey, how do things work here? You remember you red on Facebook that a foreigner cannot own a property in Thailand, some...

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