Located just 1.5 hours from Bangkok, Pattaya is now Asia’s premier seaside resort Southeast with its 11 million tourists every year. Its dynamism, its attractive real estate market and its modern infrastructures (hospitals, universities, airports, shopping centers, etc.) attract investors, expatriates and retirees each year. The diversified real estate offer is able to meet all expectations: condominiums, houses as well as a large offer of villas in the hinterland. The city of Pattaya is divided into 5 main districts: Wongamat Naklua, Pattaya center, Pratamnak, Jomtien and the hinterland. Pattaya’s real estate market continues to grow, and its supply evolves. This seaside resort offers a wide range of attractive goods in terms of quality / price ratio, whether for sale or for sale. rental, purchase opportunities. Pattaya is constantly evolving and offers the best real estate performance in Thailand

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